Bruno Salas
Filmmaker & Producer

Bruno is a filmmaker and producer based in Chile. He studied Visual Arts at Universidad Finis Terrae, and Culture & Art Semiotics at Universidad de Chile.

From 2010 to 2012 he worked as a cultural assistant for the Mexican Embassy in Santiago. In 2011, he co-founded the production and filmmaking company Tampa Films. He produced Escapes de  Gas in 2015. Bruno is currently directing and producing the documentary La Colección en Peligro (The Endangered Collection), and is the executive producer for the documentary Francisco Ariztía.

Bruno also collaborates with FICARQ (Festival Internacional de Cine y Arquitectura) and ChileDoc as Guest Coordinator for ChileDoc Conecta.

Twitter: @TRAMPAfilms

Cristóbal Palma
Photographer & Filmmaker

Cristobal Palma is a photographer and filmmaker based in Santiago, Chile. He was born in Oxford in 1974, and studied at the Architectural Association before beginning his career as a photographer, focusing primarily on architecture and urban landscapes. In 2010, Palma began producing short architectural films in addition to his photographic work. His films have been shown in Canada, Colombia, Portugal and Italy. In 2012, his film work was presented at CANCHA, the Chilean Pavilion at the 13th Venice Architecture Biennale. In 2013, his film Piling Up won the prize for “Best Architecture Short Film” at ArqFilmFest in Santiago, Chile.

Some of Palma’s recent editorial work has been featured in Monocle, Wire, The New York Times, Domus, and Architectural Digest. His work has been included in several solo exhibitions and major collections, including that of the MoMA.

Miguel Angel Contreras
Architect & Festival Director

Since his years as an architecture student at FAU, Universidad de Chile, Miguel Angel Contreas has enthusiastically explored the areas where architecture, music, comics, and the cinema meet. This has led him to develop and create different publishing and web projects, where he has served as editor and director. In the past, he has taught at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Universidad de Chile. He has extensive experience in the field of architecture, ranging from design, to supervision, to project management. He has served as Head Architect, and contributed to large scale projects. His expertise lies in educational, corporate, and healthcare architecture.  Contreas has previously served as a juror at the 2014 Dedalo Minosse cinema prize in Vincenza, and at Cinekton in Puebla, Mexico.

Contreras is currently founder and director at ArqFilmFest, in addition to curating independent projects and working as Senior Architect and project manager at Murinho + Raby architects.. He is also involved in research regarding the relationship of architecture with cinema, video games, and comics.

Twitter: @MAngel_Arqto

Bernardita Devilat Loustalot
Architect / PhD(c) in Architectural Design
Chile – UK

Practising Architect and Master in Architecture by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (PUC). She is the co-founder of Devilat Lanuza Architects (, an architectural practice based in London, focused on design and research. Its main focus is on the use and critical understanding of new technologies such as 3D laser scanning, as well as in ideas of absence and re-construction to generate approaches to architecture.

Currently, she is finishing a PhD in Architectural Design at University College London with a full scholarship (Becas Chile). Her thesis is titled: ‘Re-construction and record: exploring alternatives for heritage areas after earthquakes in Chile’, where she explores the role of the latest recording technologies —such as 3D laser scanning— in the context of built heritage affected by earthquakes. Her PhD visual work has been awarded twice and exhibited several times in London. She is also the co-director of B-Scan, a 3D laser scanning research cluster at the same university, teaching a series of open classes.  She has published in journals, books, and presented in different conferences.

Twitter: @bdevilat